At Northern Hills, we want each person to really be connected and belong here, beyond attending our weekend services. Groups offer a way to meet new people in your area or stage of life to study and grow together.

God never intended for us to go through life alone. Groups are one of the ways we “don’t go it alone.” We encourage you to connect and watch your faith in God grow through community.

Group sessions are divided into trimesters each calendar year. It’s simple: connect with a Group comprised of people who share your interests; whether it’s a young adult group, a couples or singles group, etc. There is a Small Group for everyone. And coming this summer: watch for Interest Groups — people who connect who have a common interest, whether it be with an outdoorsy group, a bible study group, a coffee-fanatics group, a ministry team group, or an outreach group.

Let’s do life together!

Fall Trimester: Registration is August 6-27, 2017
Spring Trimester: Registration is January 7-28, 2018
Summer Trimester: Registration is May 2018

Groups will be listed on this page when registration goes live.