What can you do with a single dollar? Well, when our entire church family participates, you can do a lot! Check out our video with Community of Faith as Northern Hills helped to stock the Sugarplum Room so disadvantaged children might have gifts for their birthdays.

Several times this year we will designate a Sunday and announce that we will be having The Dollar Club.  On that Sunday, we encourage everyone who attends Northern Hills Church to bring a $1 bill with them and give it as we receive our regular offering.  Northern Hills will match the total of the $1 bills given and choose a person/organization to which we will give the Dollar Club offering. The recipient of this offering will be announced at a future service.

If you would like to nominate and person/organization.  Please fill out the following form. We respectfully ask you not to contact anyone on our staff regarding the decision-making process or status of your nomination. We will contact you if your nominee is selected.

Northern Hills is committed to life change inside our church walls, in our communities and around the world. One small gesture of generosity can affect someone in such a massive away.  Next Dollar Club is May 1st. Won’t you be a part of it with us?