Sept 9 – Nov 4
Cost: $95


Do you want to get ready for the greatest adventure of your life?  Beginning March 8, during the second worship service, we are going to explore what that adventure as a follower of Jesus Christ looks like. We are calling this BASE CAMP because this is about getting trail ready for the journey upward. Jesus has already made this journey and He is calling you and I to go with Him.

There are a number of reasons you might want to attend Base Camp.

  • You may already know Jesus personally, but are more interested in going further in your relationship with Him. Base camp is for you!
  • You may be curious to know who Jesus is and what this Christian life is all about. Base Camp is for you!
  • You may have had a confusing and maybe even a negative experience in church with Christian religion and you want to sort that out. Base Camp is for you!

This is a four-week series, taught by our pastor of discipleship, R.J. Koerper, and will cover the basics of what every follower of Jesus Christ needs to know and begin to practice. We hope to see you there!